Inspiration on the Richest Hill on Earth – Butte, America

It all started with a crazy idea. An idea to plan and execute an inspiration shoot in less than one month. Might have been crazy because I’m not a wedding planner, might’ve been crazy because I just moved to Butte and didn’t know anybody. Or maybe it’s not generally crazy at all, maybe it was just crazy idea to me. Regardless of how out of the normal it was for me, the morning after the idea came to me I started reaching out to business professionals in Butte. First on the list, a dress. I figured if I had a dress I could do the shoot. Maybe not the shoot I hoped for, but a girl in a dress is a start. Within minutes of proposing the idea I had a bridal shop lined up.

Then I emailed a local store with copper mugs, a men’s clothing store, and of course a florist. As soon as I stepped into the Butte Copper Company I was overwhelmed with all the beautiful copper things. I know Gold and rose gold are all the rage these days, so copper almost seems left behind. I had originally just planned just getting two Moscow mule mugs for the shoot, but as I looked around and fell in love, I added the copper to the mood board. At the mens store we threw around ideas on how to stay classic but have a little fun with the groom model. As I visited with a florist, she jotted down notes as soon as I told her the plan: October 28th, whimsical, greens. I then set up a HMU artist…and I hadn’t even found models.

All I had to do now was pick locations, find models, have a little decor here and there, and juggle all appointments and such. I picked up a rug, some pillows, candles, and a pile of logs. It seemed everything was coming together quite nicely. As life sometimes goes, my original models weren’t able to make it, so three days before the shoot I was on the hunt again. After trying to find someone I already knew without success, I put it out on Facebook in Butte. After going through over 50 comments I reached out to a few couples. Thursday around noon I had a lead, and that day they both went in and tried on a dress and suit. They were perfect and just as excited as I was, because what’s a shoot without a bride and groom?

Since moving to Butte I’ve learned so much about the city. Butte was built on the mining industry. Literally the city is built on top of 10,000 miles of tunnels. No one in my family mined specifically in Butte, but mining is a huge part of my family and the town I grew up in. My dad, brother, husband, father in law, and brother in law are miners, to name a few. So we love learning about Butte’s past. I wanted to shoot in the mountains near Butte, as well as the well known Butte scenes. Particularly I wanted to shoot under a headframe. These headframes are scattered everywhere in Butte, each impressive and full of history. I encourage you to read more about Butte’s history, it’s quite fascinating!

The day of shoot I met with our models Jacqulynne and Brandon. We started the shoot at the Mountain Con, overlooking Butte. Below us was a crowd of people at the Steward Mine, as it was the day the hoists were running. We headed that way (thanks to Jade insisting on it, good call by the way) and thankfully there was a lull in viewers so we were able to get some amazing shots during this historic day. Following shooting in town we headed out to Fleecer mountain and we were greeted with gorgeous light and breathtaking views. Brandon and Jacquelyn were so natural in front of the camera! Laughs came easy and they were energetic the whole time. Besides, it’s worth running around all dressed up if you are compensated with Moscow mules and delicious cake, right?

The whole day I had my sister Jade with me, helping me with everything (included lifting most of the logs). Everyone who participated in this shoot are top notch and I hope I’m able to work with them again.

I’ve been sitting on this shoot since October, so I’m so excited to share it with you today!




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